Information Collection Policy

The clients’ personal information is important to understand their needs and preferences which is why we collect this information. Personal data can help bring improvements to present and future services. Moreover, our service providers and developers work 24/7 to offer top-notch services relevant to the interests of the clients.

Information Usage

The information we collect is exclusively for business purposes. The clients’ information is used to ensure the efficiency of our services. This, in turn, can help provide a better experience for the user. The clients’ feedback helps to improve services in the future. We request every client to cooperate in sharing of information so future services could be made more efficient.

Information Security

Client security and confidentiality are serious matters. We have set several security procedures in place to prevent security breaches or hacking of personal data. Nevertheless, the clients are expected to be cautious and report any security issue immediately. Clients, in turn, can expect our full cooperation in resolving the issue.

Third Party Links

Third parties are excellent sources of information. Some third party links relevant to client’s interests have been added on the site for their perusal. Clients get better access to research with these links. However, the company is not liable for any bad experience of an individual on such sites.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are an integral part of guaranteeing a site’s functionality. Clients should accept cookies to have better access to services relevant to their needs. Cookies collect information from search histories of people with the sole purpose of improving the user experience. Therefore, we suggest you accept these cookies.

Policy Changes

We can update or modify our policy at any time without informing our clients in advance. We suggest you visit the site regularly to remain apprised of any policy changes.